Quick sketchpaint of Thyra - one of my characters in the Fire Emblem romhack Dream of Five. 

Putting this here on this blog too.

This is Thyra, a character who will be introduced in the upcoming patch.

Sorry for the lack of recent updates - most of us are busy with school. We should start work again when summer break happens.

Various screenshots I’ve forgotten to post here.

eliseopwns asked: I posted it under the #dreamoffive tag. Sorry for all the trouble, guys :L

Oh yeah that’s a really old patch, you should get the most recent one from here:

The song is from Valkyrie Profile, not sure on the name.

eliseopwns asked: From Chapter 1 to 3, that I know of. I haven't got past 3...

Oh that’s just Victory Now! a track from FE7.

eliseopwns asked: Strange. The boss theme in mine is none of those. :L Do I have a different file of some sort...?

Which boss are you fighting against?

That will help me figure out which theme it is.

If it’s against the final bosses of the Musain route, it would be Julius’ theme from FE4.

eliseopwns asked: Hey guys, AMAZING job with the hack, I absolutely love it. If I may ask, were is the boss theme from?

Which boss theme?

There is Rise to the Challenge, which is from FE7, Powerful Foe, from FE8 and Tearing Shadows from FE12.

Hey it’s FEE3 for DoF, check it out. Chapter 15 is played here by Mageknight404, a prominent member of the community.

now we can guess who the new map sprite is
(no i’m not done the chapter)